CORONAVIRUS – Social Distancing procedures at MAGNE & CO

At MAGNE & CO we have taken care to develop the appropriate measures to keep you safe . These steps anticipate the changes in behaviour that may be the legacy of this pandemic. During Lockdown 3 we will not meet clients at our premises unless it is of necessity. We can continue to liaise through video conferencing and document sharing as described below with a view to reestablishing face to face meetings as the epidemic ebbs and flows. We do not anticipate any interruption to our ability to represent and advise you.

It is better that you meet your Solicitor in person, and some tasks will be more effective when undertaken face to face. Immigration Law can be confusing and the procedure stressful.

Video Conferencing can replace some of the functions of meetings. The service does not act as a straight forward substitution.

Video Conferencing permits communication and the exchange of documents without travelling and MAGNE & CO Solicitors have arranged their offices to take full advantage of this facility.

Social Distancing

The office is a safe environment.

The common parts

It is just myself that you will be meeting. The offices share a stairwell with one other firm, itself on a reduced rota, and you will be met in confidence and relative isolation.

The Office

In my office two desks have been placed together, so that the total span measures one metre eighty centimetres.

You and I will always be more than two metres away when in conference. The office is well ventilated.

There is hand sanitiser available.

Dedicated Computer screens

The rules are complex, ever changing and your documents might meet some of the requirements but not all.

Being able to follow the Immigration Rules is essential to submitting a successful application.

You will have a dedicated client screen that will share the information that I will want to show you from my screen. You will be able to follow the legal principles as I take you through the process, highlighting those passages we must pay particular attention too.

We can examine together documents that have been digitally stored, without compromising our need to maintain a distance.

Video Conferencing

MAGNE & CO have been offering video consultations for more than a decade, as a number of clients apply from overseas.

As there is a dual webcam facility established, the sponsor in the UK may wish to attend in person, whilst the visa applicant who is overseas, attends remotely by video conferencing.

The Visa applicant can see the same screen.


Our clients who have to shield on account of their age or to protect a loved one have been able to rely on video conferencing to interview directly, share application forms and assess all documents.


Whilst it is preferable on certain occasions that we meet in person, there are many others were an exchange of documents and video conference will suffice.

Applications can be completed on line, with both sides seeing the application form at the same time.

It is our experience, that applicants tend to use both office appointments and video conferencing to reduce travel without sacrificing that personal scrutiny that a meeting engenders.

Our practice is geared for such flexibility.

We are able to respond to any changes in public health guidelines without impeding our ability to continue working with due care as we have done through out this pandemic.

We are grateful to be one of the few firms in the Immigration Field to have this facility.

It is why we are showing you our offices on our website.

So that you know what to expect and choose how you would like to engage with your Solicitor.

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