Dominic Magne from Solicitors Magne and Co of Surbiton provided an exemplary service when myself (A UK and Irish Citizen) and my partner who is a Chinese National approached him to seek his advice with regard to her immigration status. He provided clear and accurate information and helped with the complex form filling to assist us in getting her rights as a spouse of an EEA National recognised and a residency permit issued.

He was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, explaining our rights, the hoops we would still have to jump through and showed patience and diligence in dealing with two anxious clients and the UK Border Agency who could (and were) obstructive to say the least.

Our application was decided in our favour in what i now know to be a very timely and expeditious manner and i can say without any reserve whatsoever that it was down to the calm and methodical services of Dominc Magne that accounted for this.

We are forever in his debt, not only was he entirely professional but he showed an empathy and genuine desire to help. Yes we paid for his services, but his costs were clearly explained and were very reasonable and it was the best investment I have ever made.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who required such a service.

John O'Connor
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