I am US citizen who came to the UK on a 2 year Tier 4 Student Visa to study for a Masters Degree at the University of Roehampton in London. The Tier 4 Visa expired in January 2013 and as I was in a relationship with a UK citizen and wanted to stay in the UK. UK immigration for non-EU individuals looked complicated, the UKBA website was difficult to navigate and not always clear nor consistent in the information we found. My partner and I were unsure how to proceed with a Visa application and unsure as to which Visa options might be available or most suitable.

As we were novices when it comes to immigration law, we decided to consult a lawyer to see what was needed for an application. We searched for immigration lawyers in West London and saw the Magne & Co website. I called Dominic to discuss the situation and his high knowledge and confidence of immigration law prompted me to book an appointment there and then. We were offered an initial consultation, which was very reasonably priced, where we discussed what the current immigration rules were for cohabitation. We decided to engage Dominic's services and expertise to assist us with the application.

Dominic was incredibly helpful during the whole process. The immigration rules were changed twice while we compiled the information for the application. Also my partner's personal change, from a self-employed to a full time employee, were not covered in the new immigration rules. While these changes occurred, we always received printed copies of the immigration law and the changes that we went through to the letter. This helped to clarify legal verbiage that we had previously been very unsure about. Dominic also was very thorough and professional in the application process, compiling all of the necessary documents needed (a large binder full) and was always available by phone or email for any questions, concerns, and appointments. Dominic prepared us for all eventualities individualising a complex application. His helpful tips on the application process, along with his knowledge and dedication to details, inspired great confidence in us and for the success of the application.

We booked an appointment for a same day decision meeting at the Cardiff UKBA office. After a brief interview to check our documentation, I completed biometric information while we waited for our decision. Although we supplied all of the correct information in our application, Dominic recommended that we bring extra forms, just in case they might be requested. We were lucky to follow his advice since we were asked for additional documentation. If we had not had this information to offer, our application could have been delayed. Eventually we received a positive outcome and I received a 2 year Visa that may be renewed in years to come. We informed Dominic on the outcome and he was delighted for us.

The process though time consuming and complicated has meant that I have been able to stay in the UK and continue our relationship. I want to pursue a life in London and we are getting married later in 2013.

Virginia Munday
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