Paulo Costa

Although we have been living and working in Southeast Asia for many years, our two daughters started to study in UK in 2014, and we had long-term plans for them to continue in that direction. However, once the Brexit was voted in 2016, we really became concerned as our daughters, although holding EU passports, did not have UK residence cards. We never gave importance to that before because we are EU citizens, but the Brexit definitely changed our attitude.

That was the time we contacted some of our professional associates in Hong Kong and asked for the contacts of solicitors that could handle our case in London. Mr. Magne was then recommended to us by one of the most reputable real estate Companies with office in Hong Kong.

Since the first moment we contacted Mr. Magne, the response and follow up were always very precise, professional and efficient. We planned the process to take at least 12 months, but everything happened in less than 4 months. Not only Mr. Magne managed to apply and get the residence cards, but he offered us much more advice that will now be precious for the future of our daughters in UK, where they plan to live and start their professional lives.

We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and efficiency, Mr. Magne, and we look forward to continue working with you.

Paulo Costa
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