We submitted an ILR application instead of a FLR(O) to the UKBA in Aug. 09 and it was turned down in Nov.09 due to wrong advice. As a result both, we have been dismissed from our employment as we did not have a valid visa to continue. We appealed against this decision at the Immigration Tribunal in January 2010 and the appeal was rejected. We approached another Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham who promised us that they would get us the legal stay in the UK by submitting FLR(O) application on compassionate grounds. Sadly this was turned down and our passports and other documents were passed on to the enforcement office to remove us from the country in March 10.

At this time we approached Magne & Co. Immigration Solicitors at Surbiton who have acted on our behalf and submitted a letter of representation to the UKBA to stop our removal. They also advised us to secure a job offer with a sponsorship certificate. Our Tier-2 application was submitted in July 2011 to the UKBA with a detailed covering letter by Magne & Co. arguing strongly with the Secretary of State on the UKBA immigration laws. Finally we got our leave to remain permission from the Home Office in October 2011 and we got our visa until 2014. We would strongly vouch for Magne & Co. as we recommend their services for any one with immigration issues.

Andrew Nathan
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