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Immigration Solicitor - Surrey, UK

Information for EU nationals following BREXIT can be found here.

MAGNE & CO solicitors, were established in 2001. The firm, practices exclusively in the fields of Nationality, Asylum and Immigration Law. The firm is based in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey and values its ties to the local community.

Dominic Magne, specialises in Immigration Appeals. He is able to advise on the simplest application , and to appear on your behalf before the Immigration Tribunal and Higher Courts, in any decision taken by the Home Office in relation to the Immigration Laws of this country.

The torrent of regulatory change in the field of Immigration Law, requires representatives to pay particular attention to detail, given the draconian consequences of minutiae overlooked. Our overriding objective is to ensure that anxious scrutiny and due care is exercised in the conduct of each application.

At MAGNE & CO, every client has a detailed consultation, where the facts are carefully examined against the Law applicable at the time, before an advice is given and confirmed in writing. Careful advice is the prerequisite to successful representation.

With so many firms claiming to be leading , it can be difficult to know which way to turn. Such clamouring is indicative, perhaps, of confusion within the labrynth. So here is our pitch:-

  Our job, is to look after you.

To arrange a consultation, call +44(0)20 8399 3939 or email