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  • Naturalisation
  • Registration

Citizenship once imparted by place of birth, is now by lineage.

Naturalisation is the name given to the process that adults use to apply for British Citizenship. Registration describes the process applicable to children who are applying for British Citizenship.

Knowledge of past Nationality provisions must complement current Laws, to ensure that Citizenship acquired in the past is not overlooked today.

The general scheme for Naturalisation is that an individual must be resident in the United Kingdom for five years , and have had Indefinite Leave to Remain for a year. Where married to a British Citizen, the residence requirement is reduced to three years, and an application may be lodged immediately upon the grant of settlement.

Further residence, good character and Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK requirements must be met.

There exists a number of specific provisions for children to register as a British Citizen where their parents have subsequently acquired settlement, or who themselves where British Citizen’s by descent, or after ten years residence. There also exists a broad discretion for the Secretary of State to register as he or she sees fit.

Most applications for naturalisation are quite straight forward and this simplicity is reflected in the fees, which generally start at around £1000 plus VAT. Application for Registration may require a greater compilation of evidence depending on nature of the discretion sought.

For an approach to a more technically complex applications see here.

At MAGNE & CO we can advise you on what status you are eligible for, and to represent you in your application . Where settlement has been acquired we can advise and prepare an application for British Citizenship. For more information please contact : or call 0208 399 3939 for either a consultation at our offices or via zoom.

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