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Immigration Services for Individuals: Immigration Appeals

If you have been faced with a refusal by the UKVI  you will wish to know what remedy you may have.

Applications under the Immigration Rules are entitled to an Administrative Review, whereby the UKVI re assess the decision in the light of further representations.

Certain decisions will attract a right of appeal, and a number of these will have the effect of suspending any attempt to remove whilst the appeal is pending. These are essentially decisions on an application where a claim has been made for International Protection or that removal would breach an individuals rights under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Where no appeal remedy lies, it may be possible to challenge the UKVI ’s decision by way of Judicial Review before the Upper Tribunal ( Immigration and Asylum Chamber ). Understanding the rights of appeal and the preparation of the necessary information to successfully present your case, can be a complex and time consuming task.

Dominic Magne qualified as a Barrister in 1997. He will have personal conduct of your appeal matter from first interview to the completion of the appeal process. He has over twenty years experience of conducting Asylum and Immigration appeals and has represented in cases before:

It is because Dominic Magne will be acting as your lawyer from beginning to end that he will personally oversee that the utmost care is taken in the preparation of your case. If you are threatened with removal MAGNE & CO is able to act quickly in order to lodge an application before the Upper Tribunal ( IAC )  to stay removal.

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