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Imperial Legacy

  • UK Ancestry
  • Hong Kong Visa
  • Windrush Applications

The UK Ancestry Route is open to Commonwealth Citizen’s whose parents were born in the United Kingdom.

Windrush applicants refer to a cohort of long settled migrants who are asking the Home Office to confirm the status they have had , but for which they lacked official documentation. Often this may have been because the individuals were children at the time that restrictions were removed from their parent’s permission to stay, and so no formal document confirming Indefinite Leave to Remain was ever issued to the applicants.

"British Dependent Territories Citizens who registered before 1st July 1997 as British Nationals Overseas , may apply to come to the United Kingdom, under the British Nationality Overseas Settled Status Holder Route.

The catchment group is defined historically as it applies to a class of people that existed at a certain date. You cannot now apply to be a British National Overseas Citizen, but if you are one, you may benefit from the visa status created specifically for this category."

All of these categories relate to populations who were told that they belonged, and then told that they did not. These Rules were then put in place to mitigate the exclusion. The Home Office then applies these Rules restrictively or benignly in accordance with the ministerial concerns of the day. For an illustration of what needs to succeed in a hostile environment see here.

Mr Magne was very methodical and practical in his approach to my situation. We held regular meetings and I was kept up to date on all processes and information. I appreciate sir, your effort used to deal with this immigration matter. I am sure that without your work ethic, legal knowledge and determination this application would have been unsuccessfulD Kinch

My husband and myself cannot stress how grateful we are that we consulted him. We can highly recommend Magne & Co Solicitors who were prepared to go the extra mile to help. Thank you Mr. Magne.Victor and Wendy Ballot

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At MAGNE & CO we can advise you on what status you are eligible for, and to represent you in your application . Where settlement has been acquired we can advise and prepare an application for British Citizenship. For more information please contact : or call 0208 399 3939 for either a consultation at our offices or via zoom.

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