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  • Student Visa and Leave to Remain applications
  • Graduate Student
  • Parent of a Child Student

Students who have a valid Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies for a Licenced Sponsor may apply under the Student visa category. Applications that are refused may carry more than the immediate cost of refusal as they may engender further detriment in later years. For example, care must be taken to ensure that a valid application is lodged within the currency of any existing permission to remain to prevent subsequent prejudice on account of overstay. Children under eighteen should be mindful of exceeding the required absences under the ten year rule, should they wish to make an application for settlement in later years.

Those who have completed a Degree may apply for Leave to Remain on the basis of employment without securing a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Parents who have children under 12 studying in the independent sector may apply to remain whilst they are in the United Kingdom.

I'm writing this email to thank you for all the effort you have made on my case. I collected my visa this morning in Beijing and will take the flight back to London at noon. I do appreciate your kindness and it is such valuable experience to talk with you.Chang Liu

At MAGNE & CO we can advise you on what status you are eligible for, and to represent you in your application . Where settlement has been acquired we can advise and prepare an application for British Citizenship. For more information please contact : or call 0208 399 3939 for either a consultation at our offices or via zoom.

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