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If you have a well founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion or social group in your home country you are eligible for Refugee status.

If you fear inhumane and degrading treatment in your country of origin, then you are entitled to make a claim under Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

If you have an established family or private life in the United Kingdom then in some circumstances these considerations override the necessity of maintaining Immigration Control as set out under the Immigration Rules.

The simplicity of these principles belies the inherent complexity of these applications. It is for the applicant to prove their claim of what may have happened, and may in the future happen to them in their country of origin.

We have in almost 30 years experience in this field represented claimants from 38 different countries in their applications for refugee status or human rights protection. Of these, we note that 28 of these countries have had an enduring state of civil war. This puts a lie to the claim that you are all lying. Still applicants endure a culture of disbelief amongst decision makers.

Successful representation is normally secured on appeal, but it starts from the very beginning of the application process with a statement of particular detail.

As such cases defy summary, we illustrate our care by way of a family reunion.

At MAGNE & CO we can advise you on what status you are eligible for, and to represent you in your application . Where settlement has been acquired we can advise and prepare an application for British Citizenship. For more information please contact : or call 0208 399 3939 for either a consultation at our offices or via zoom.

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