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School trips from France - new concession

By Dominic Magne

The UK Government has published a form and procedures for French school trips to the United Kingdom .

The scope of the concession covers school trips of five or more children aged 18 or under from a school in France. The school must be registered with the French Ministry of Education for the school to use this form.

Every child and adult who is part of the group must be included in the form. Confirm who is travelling and check they have the correct documents before you fill it in. The form can be found here:

The form must be completed by the Headteacher of the school and then submitted to the local prefecture at least ten days before the date of intended travel. The Headmaster should submit the to the local prefecture with the following documents to assess

• the children’s authorisations to leave the country, signed by their parent or guardian
• the copies of the parents’ identity documents

Copies of the relevant authorisations to leave the country can be found here:

Arrival to the United Kingdom.

The school must bring two copies of the completed form, one of which will be retained by the UK Immigration Authorities.

All adults must bring their passports and if they are a national of a country that requires a visa to enter the United Kingdom then they must have obtained a visa before travelling. These are individuals whose nationality is contained on the Visa National list here:-

Each child must bring:-

• an authorisation to leave the country (AST), signed by their parent or guardian
• a copy of their parent or guardian’s identity document
• a passport


Children who are nationals of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein may bring an ID card in lieu of a passport.

Children who be virtue of their nationality would normally require a visa , do not need to do so if travelling to the United Kingdom under this concession.

This policy is a concession and does not form part of the Immigration Rules. Leave to Enter would be granted as a Visitor under the Immigration Rules and may engage in the following activities:-

(a) visit friends and family and / or come to the UK for a holiday; and
(b) take part in educational exchanges or visits with a state funded school or academy or independent school; and
(c) attend recreational courses (not English Language training) for a maximum of 30 days.

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