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Sponsored Employment

  • Skilled Worker
  • Global Business Mobility (Senior Staff/Graduate Trainee/UK Expansion worker/Service Supplier/Secondment Worker)
  • Temporary Worker (Creative Worker/Religious Worker/Charity Worker/International Agreement)

Employers who hold the appropriate Sponsor's Licence may employ an overseas national who meets the criteria under the Immigration Ruler. The obligations that an employer must maintain are frequently updated.

For employers we offer a thorough assessment of their Human Resources procedures and one on one training with their staff. We are then on hand to advise and represent employers during the currency of a licence. The aim is to ensure compliance and that the correct balance is struck for employers between obtaining legal assistance and intervention, and reliance on in house Human Resources to attend to the mundane.

Whilst the Skilled Worker Route permits Employers to recruit overseas staff with a view to settlement in the United Kingdom, the Global Business Mobility Routes permit a facility for Licensed Employers to temporarily post overseas staff and employees of contractors to the United Kingdom for a number of years.

The Global Mobility Expansion Route requires overseas companies to obtain a Licence for Sponsorship from the Home Office before sending a representative to establish a subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

The Temporary Worker Routes permit entry on an ad hoc basis or for a limited period of between 12 and 24 months ( depending on category ). The UK Sponsor must have the requisite licence in order to engage under any of these categories.

We can advise Employers and assist them in the preparation of their Sponsor's Licence application.

For employees we can advise and represent on their applications for Leave to Enter, Leave to Remain and settlement in the United Kingdom.

For an illustration of intervention in the face of Home Office sanctions for illegal working see here.

Mr Magne provided us with an excellent service and did his up most to ensure we understood the process and the requirements for the sponsorship licence. We would not hesitate in recommending him and we are very satisfied with the service we received.Secon Solutions Ltd.

Dominic was very professional and full of useful information. His knowledge and understanding of Immigration Law was very impressive and we immediately felt at ease in his presence. He explained the key points in the Law that could be used when making an appeal and gave an honest opinion of our chances.Shez Shafiq, Finance Director

At MAGNE & CO we can advise you on what status you are eligible for, and to represent you in your application . Where settlement has been acquired we can advise and prepare an application for British Citizenship. For more information please contact : or call 0208 399 3939 for either a consultation at our offices or via zoom.

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