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A member of our Finance Department had her Tier 2 Migrant Visa application rejected. Janice is a valuable member of the team and we wanted to offer the company.s full support. We visited a number of Immigration Specialist Lawyers who either turned out to be Sharks or operated from another country!

After a lengthy search we found Dominic Magne who provided lot of helpful advice over the phone and email. Janice agreed to meet and pay for a general advice session which turned out to be excellent value for money.

Dominic was very professional and full of useful information. His knowledge and understanding of Immigration Law was very impressive and we immediately felt at ease in his presence. He explained the key points in the Law that could be used when making an appeal and gave an honest opinion of our chances.

Janice accepted Dominic's services for the Appeal. This included preparing the appeal document, practice question sessions and his attendance at the appeal. In the end she won the appeal and is still working for our organisation.

We'd both recommend Dominic's services to anyone that requires legal help.

Shez Shafiq, Finance Director
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