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Frank and Florence Kasibante

....'After being recommended by a good friend of ours in 2010, we contacted Mr Magne regarding our intention to apply for a residence permit. He straight away came across as a professional, who knew exaclty what we needed and how to achieve it.

Being a Dutch Citizen with my own business in Holland but at the same time married to my wife Flo, we needed someone who had the legal expertise to help us, since my wife was already living in The UK.

Mr Magne, with absolute honesty,diligence and professionalism guided us through the process,which included interviews at The Home office in Liverpool and a tribunal sitting in Birmingham.
Despite being based in London, he was with us all the way through including attending the tribunal in person.

Being represented by him gave us full confidence and we,indeed, finally got the UK residence Permits as we sought.
Mr Magne's commitment, honesty and reliability has, for us been a great blessing'. We are now a very happy couple living peacefully in The Midlands' .
....Frank and Florence

Frank and Florence Kasibante
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